This is the largest in Subcarpathia and one of the largest in the country collection related to the Polish Pope John Paul II counting nearly a thousand elements. Among them are some that were personally used by St. John Paul II or donated by him to people with whom he met on various occasions. Among many others the collection consists of papal pushers, autographs, a chasuble from Niegowić, a personal rosary, a handkerchief, socks, medals, etc. From close up, one can also see the Pectoral Cross offered by the Apostolic Nuncio in Bulgaria and Macedonia Archbishop Janusz Bolonka and the Papal Ring from the Latvian Cardinal Janis Pujats from Riga. One of the unique souvenirs is a piece of the coffin of St. John Paul II and a fragment of his tombstone. There are many commemorative pictures and the collection is enriched by valuable souvenirs associated with his successors: Pope Benedictine and Pope Francis and also the members of cardinal college including the pontifical attire of Cardinal Henryk Gulbinowicz. This is also the only place in Poland where autograph of St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta is presented.

On December 9, 2013, the Apostolic Nuncio in Poland Archbishop Celestino Migliore opened and sacred The Papal Room in the presence of Archbishop Józef Michalik of the then Metropolitan of Przemyśl and the current Metropolitan Archbishop Adam Szal. The Papal Room was created by Fr. Rafał Wojdyła who has collected every precious item. Among the founders and donors of The Room, the worth noting are: Archbishop Józef Michalik, Archbishop Józef Kowalczyk, Cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz, Cardinal Konrad Krajewski and many people of good will from Jaroslav, Subcarpathia and throughout Poland.