Our temple was built in 1614-1624. On April 28, 1624, the bishop of Przemyśl, Jan Wężyk, made a ceremonial consecration. The interior of the church was filled with 15 great altars and smaller ones. In the main altar there are sculptures of Saint. Nicholas and Stanislaus bishops.
The church was built on the plan of the cross with a single-nave structure. By adding chapels and towers, the project was closed in a rectangle construction with an apse. The renaissance stone portal from 1622 – one of the most magnificent monuments of Jaroslav – was moved from the west elevation to the south.

After the dissolution of the abbey in 1782 conducted by the Austrian occupant the temple served as a war uniforms warehouse, during the Nazi occupation it was made a stable for horses, and while post-war period it was used as a warehouse for building materials or a junkyard.
When the Abbey returned under the protection of the Church in 1991, a very rich decorations were faithfully reproduced from the old interior. Other elements (the Heart of Jesus altar, the Marian altar from 1658, the Hungarian altar of the Baptism of Christ, magnificent organs and the pulpit) were transferred from the church of The Sacred Heart of Jesus in Przemyśl.

Here, we are conduct the Divine Service today.

Support functioning of this temple, repairs and equipment.