The Center was established by the decree of Archbishop Józef Michalik on August 1, 1994. Three years after the Benedictine Sisters regained the object they decided to transfer it entirely to the Przemyśl Archdiocese which had more organizational possibilities.

On December 22, 2004, the Center obtained the status of a public benefit organization (KRS 247764).

The aim of the Center is to undertake and conduct a comprehensive activity for the cultivation of Christian culture and for the formation of clergy, consecrated and lay people.

The statutory activity of the Center is based on funds collected from voluntary donations and grants.

The Archbishop has entrusted the Anna Jenke Christian Culture and Formation Center with responsibility for carrying out repairs and ongoing maintenance of the church, post-monastery building, 6 towers and fortifications connecting them, and finally the park with the so-called “small architecture”.

We are more than open to receiving any kind of support when it comes to fulfilling our multiple activities but first and foremost saving the four-hundred-year-old historic post-Benedictine Abbey in Jaroslav, for which we are responsible to a large extent.

The Center provides around 20 exhibitions open for visitors free of charge. Permanent exhibitions include The Papal Room, the model of the Abbey made of 150,000 matches, the exhibition of the National Museum from Budapest, the Remembrance Room of Archbishop Ignacy Tokarczuk, Bilderkreuz – extremely big, painted cross, Marian Banners, Numismatics of Piotr Rog, Landscapes of the Podkarpacie painted by Józef Machała.