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I confirm my participation on:
 Saturday (11.00-19.00 - 1st day of the St Benedict's Fair) Sunday (11.00-19.00 - 2nd day of the St Benedict's Fair)

I will present:

I will also make a demonstration/show
 yes no

Number of exhibitors at my stand/table:

 I bring my own I choose to be assigned to one of Orgniser's stands

The Organisers do not provide accommodation. Please try convent of St. Benedict's Nuns - tel. 16/621 56

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 Friday/Saturday Saturday/Sunday Sunday/Monday

I daclare my participation in VI St Benedict's Fair by donating:

 several hundred zloty several dozen zloty

I hereby give my consent to entering my personal data in the data base and to such data’s multiple processing required in organising VII St Benedict's Fair by Jarosławskie Opactwo and give my consent to making my personal data available on the Organiser's webpage. I declare all information on this application to be complete, accurate and given voluntarily. I also acknowlegde the right to access and amend my personal data.

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