Hungary Trail in the Abbey of Jaroslav

  • Bilingual board from the 70s of the twentieth century commemorating the residence of Prince Franciszek II Rákóczi in the Abbey at the beginning of the eighteenth century
  • Relief of Prince Franciszek II Rakoczy – a gift from the Hungarians in
  • Monument of Prince Francis II Rákóczi unveiled in 2016
  • Permanent exhibition “With God for Homeland and Freedom” located in the Hungarian Tower made by the National Museum in Budapest
  • Altar of bishop Medard Kohl from Buda
  • Commemorative gorget of general Wacław Wieczorkiewicz from his exile to Hungary in 1939
  • Temporary expositions in 2018: folk handicrafts from Miszkolec and surrounding areas, “Saint Władysław – Pole on the Hungarian throne”, “Jugs, glasses and mugs…”